creating foundations for health

From weekend warriors to seasoned athletes, from chronic pain to a sprain, from would be moms to menopause – make Acupuncture and Health Coaching part of your life.  It is never too soon and it is never too late to begin laying the groundwork for a better tomorrow.  Begin today.

Healthy Valentine Treats!

here are the scruffles and one fruit and nut bar (heart shaped of course).fruit and nut bar recipe will be coming soon. Valentine’s Day is only a couple weeks away now, so I thought I would share some valentine... Keep Reading

Food for your Face!

For nearly a decade I have been in private practice for Acupuncture.  Through those years I have been slowly adding to my repertoire of offerings within Oriental Medicine and Nutrition Counseling.  I have focused on... Keep Reading

Summer in a Jar, Cilantro Dressing!

Oh Sweet Summer where have you gone!  Oh yeah you are safely tucked away in my freezer!  Mmmmmmmmmmm!  This dressing is completely worth whatever price you have to pay for out of season cilantro!  It... Keep Reading