2 ingredient Pancakes!!!

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Mmmmmmm.  Little beauties!  They are small pancakes not enormous blueberries!

Mmmmmmm. Little beauties! They are small pancakes not enormous blueberries!

This recipe has blown me away!  2 ingredient pancakes What?!  I am a little late to the game on this one.  Apparently this has been floating around the web for some time.  I just came across this and had to try it immediately!!

These pancakes are a snap to make and a terrific breakfast for 1.  What a great first step for tweens and teens learning how to cook!

The recipe is this simple – 2 eggs and 1 banana.  I read that some people like to add a little baking powder to make them a bit fluffier so we tried it both ways.  I can’t say I saw enough difference to bother with the b.p.


Make them pretty small to ensure ease of flipping.  They are somewhat crepe-like.  Cook these on med-low heat for a little longer than regular pancakes.  I greased the pan with a touch of coconut oil and it worked perfectly.  I only greased it one time and they all flipped fine without additional oil.

2 ingredients!  Yes, I tell you the truth.

2 ingredients! Yes, I tell you the truth.


blend em up if you want it smoothe. some folk just mash them up and have more rustic pancakes.


Make these pretty small, I would say max 3 or 4 “. They are a bit delicate so you don’t want them too large and unwieldy.


oooooooh! first try and they look awesome. These should cook on med heat and take a little longer than a regular pancake but worth the wait.


mmmmmmmm! blueberries yum. These are very sweet all on their own but by all means add syrup and butter to your heart’s content. I think these would make a crazy dessert with a little chocolate hazelnut spread or with choc. chips in them!

We have begun putting a tablespoon of peanut butter or almond butter blended right in on the days we need a little more oomph.  But either way they kind of rock!!


Liesl wanted to show you her bite just to prove they are really yummy!


  • We love these, though I struggle to flip them on our cast iron…. They just come out in funny little shapes, so delicious!