Suppertime Streamlined!! 3 meals frugal and fast!


Have you ever thought about meal planning?  Have you ever actually done it?  Probably not.  Because meal planning takes time! Time to find the recipes, time to plan what to have when, and time to make a grocery list – then go to the grocery store 5 times because you forgot something on your list, right!?

Yikes, that sounds painful.

I want to take your pain away! Today I am going to do the work for you and give you a 3 day meal plan with a grocery list! Yes! 3 Fast Cheap Healthy Meals that taste good too!  Don’t thank me yet!  Or do thank me and then you can thank me again after the week is over 🙂

These meals will all be Vegetarian, Gluten free, Casein Free and Soy free.  The idea is that you start with meal number 1 and then use the leftovers for meal number 2 then those leftovers go into meal number 3.  I am the queen of reinventing leftovers.  It is part frugality and part that I can’t seem to make a small amount of anything!!!

These are not gourmet meals, I initially designed this for a client, single, working long hours but wanting quick meals with some variety.   These will do the trick.  Keep in mind you will need to double or more these recipes to feed a family.  This was enough for 1 Man designed to create some leftovers each night to work off of the next day.

I have paired these things together to make it easy to transition from night to night.  Give it a try!

Supper time Streamline Mexicanish Theme!
Day 1–  Beans and Salsa with Rice – throw 1-2 cups spinach in with your salsa and beans before heating -truly this is just a can of beans rinsed and drained, your favorite jar of salsa and rice with spinach for some extra nutritional punch!


Heat the beans, salsa and spinach in a pot, cook rice separately then serve together. Salt to taste


Day 2 – leftovers (rice and all) mixed with 1-2 cups more spinach 4 eggs and baked (35-40 min at 350 in a cast iron pan) or scrambled all together! – feel free to put some cheese on this before or after baking or scrambling.  The number of eggs depends on how many mouths you have to feed and how big your pan is!!    ** you can throw in other frozen veg if you like


In a bowl whisk your eggs, stir in all of your leftovers from day 1 – grease your cast iron skillet or casserole dish then dump it in and bake.  At the end add salt to taste of course.


Day 3 – leftovers wrapped in a tortillas with spinach greens (maybe add a bit more salsa) – yes this is it just wrap that egg bake up in a tortilla!  


Grocery List – add to it if you are cooking for a whole family
1 can black beans
1 large bag baby spinach
1 0r 2 jars favorite salsa
Rice of choice
Dozen eggs
Tortillas of choice



Let me know what you think of this!  I have more days planned out this way that I can share if this is helpful!





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