Suppertime Streamlined – 3 meals starting with the Baked Potato

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The lovely, comforting, humble Potato. 

Our friend the potato! So versatile.

A few of you mentioned that the last suppertime streamline was helpful so here is another round!  3 Fast meal ideas for the price of 1!!! Wait a second here……I don’t get paid for this!  Okay so you get 3 recipes for the bargain price of free.  Enjoy!

We love our baked potatoes!  Especially with some really stellar baked beans on top!  Some day I will share my recipe for maple baked beans, but for now you will have to fend for yourself on that one.  Other toppings we love, herbamare, veganaise, mustard, salsa, hummus, some even like ketchup (not me).  We like to eat this with some sweet baked onions and or other roasted veg.

Remember these were designed for 1-2 people with leftovers so add on for your needs!

Day 1 – 4 Baked potatoes  and 2 baked onions with choice toppings – link here to see our baked potato meal

*Bake potatoes simply set on oven rack,  onions – peel brown layers off of onions and cut off bottom and top bits wrap in tin foil set on oven rack – bake at 350 for 1 ¼ hours* (you may want to put a baking sheet under to catch drippings if onions are juicy.

–          Toppings- beans and salsa, cheese, dressing, spinach, baked beans, vinegar and oil, walnuts whatever you like!

 Day 2 – chop up potatoes and onions add can of garbonzo beans and ½ jar indian mix – serve over rice if you like

We love the Seeds of Change sauces, check the ingredients – milk products and nuts hide in many of them, if you care.  We like to cook up lots of veg along with the leftover baked potatoes.  I toss them all in a pot – diced potatoes, frozen veg, bean of choice and your jar of yum!  I love Tikka Masala myself, but get what you like.

This makes a great stew or if you want to serve it over rice or quinoa that is great too!

Day 3 – egg bake or scramble with leftovers – link #1 egg bake  link #2 egg bake again!

Take all of your leftover Indian dish along with 1 cups of rice or quinoa – whisk up 6 eggs and mix together.  Grease a casserole dish or cast iron skillet.  Bake at 350 for  approx. 45 minutes.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

Shopping list  – add more according to your family size

5 baking potatoes

2 large onions

assorted potato toppings,

1 can garbonzo beans or beans of choice

1 jar Seeds of Change Tikka Masala (or other indian simmer sauce)

dozen eggs

Done!!!  Enjoy!

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