Amazing Raw Crackers II

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I teased you with some initial photos last week of the array of crackers I concocted.   Now I will share a really fool-proof and arguably healthier and more versatile cracker than the “cheeze it” and less expensive too, no macs.

This recipe is really simple to adapt to your tastes.  I have made it sweet and savory, with many different nuts, or just seeds, with oats or without.  The basic recipe is the same but here are some favorite flavors.  If you search online you will find hundreds of versions and really most are pretty similar and simple as well!  Get inspired!

*Sundried tomato, garlic, basil

*Cumin, garlic, chipolte pepper (or cayenne)

*Dill, onion

*Fig, cinnamon

*Red pepper (whole pepper not dried) garlic

These crackers are crazy nutrition packed!


Power Seed Crackers (this is the nut free, grain free version)

The main key to making these crackers is to keep the ratio of ground flax and chia to other grains, nuts and seeds at about what I put here, beyond that go crazy with your variations!  The chia and the flax are the binders (if you prefer one over the other you can use only chia or only flax).

1/2 cup ground flax seed

1/2 cup ground chia seeds

1/2 cup sunflower seeds (ground or whole)

1/2 pepitas (ground or whole)

1/4 cup black sesame seeds (ground or whole)

1 tsp worth of your favorite spices or herbs

1/2 tsp sea salt (unless you are making a sweet cracker)

1 cups warm water

Mix this all up in a bowl and let sit about 5 minutes.

Spread onto your dehydrating sheet 1/16- 1/8″ thick

Dehydrate 12-24  hours – you may want to flip it at about 6-8 hours


Option!! Process your dry ingredients before mixing with water if you want a less seedy looking, smoother cracker. I like it both ways.

I sometimes like to add 1/2-1 cup of quick oats or oat flour to these.  It creates a bit more delicate cracker that we really enjoy the texture of.


Here is the blended stuff with the water. Ultimately it doesn’t totally matter how much water you put in as long as you can spread it how you like it. The dehydrator takes all the water out anyhow.


You can see the front sheet looks more seedy. That one is not blended. The second is pre-processed in the blender or food pro for a smoother cracker. The back two are the cheeze its from last week.

3 Varieties of Crackers

Left to right – “cheeze its”, full seeds, processed seeds.

Please experiment with this recipe!  I would love to hear from you what flavors you have tried or would like to try!  I often will sub in ground almonds or other nuts in place of the seeds.  I would also love to hear if anyone tries this in the oven!  I know they would taste amazing baked but I have not had a moment to experiment with that yet.

Happy dehydrating!! Or baking!!