Baked Potato and Onion! Simple Pleasures.

It was a coooooold rainy snowy weekend last weekend.  I had to fit in a 10 miler in my trianing for the half marathon coming up in a few weeks.  I ran through wind and sleet and snow (really I am not making this up!) and I felt like a million bucks, or at least half a million, afterwards.  I ran I got soaked and I conquered!  Hear me roar!! 
It was so windy (and I happened to be running into the wind) that I had a very distinct line of wet and dry from front to back.

So what does one eat when they are frozen to the bone.  I want comfort food and a nice fire.
 I kind of got hooked on “jacket” potatoes when I was in Ireland many years ago and I still love em!

I will post  two more recipes in the next week to use your leftover potatoes and onions, if you make extras. 

Baked Potatoes and Baked Onions
(double the recipe for leftovers)

I know this isn’t really a recipe but we all need ideas sometimes – stay tuned for the follow ups!
What you need – family of 3
-3-6 depending on size baking potatoes of your choice
-3 onions skinned and wrapped in tinfoil
-toppings for the taters suggestions below

turn the oven to 375
set the potatoes and onions on the oven rack and bake for 1 hour.

this look of pure adoration is indeed for the onion in her hand!
 yes the onions turn out sweet and juicy and we eat them plain.
we all love to squeeze the insides out eat them layer by layer, maybe with a little salt and pepper

ahhhh…. a picnic by the fire to get warm and nourished

serve with a nice salad
– baked beans (my personal favorite, I make my own, I will share the recipe someday)
– salsa
– black beans
– dressing
– sour cream
– pasta sauce
– other veg?
-curry sauce
What do you like on your potato? Leave a comment!

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