Best Waffles Yet!


I just made the best waffles ever – gf/sf/cf – these were better than any allergen full waffles!

I have been lurking over at Fork and Beans for a while now and have yet to make any of her recipes.  Why did I wait so long!!!  I have a long list of recipes I am determined to try soon!  I think first on the list are the “cheese its”.  Her blog has so many nostalgic recipes.  I will however have to work making the sweets fit our health needs, in the sweetener department,  if I am going to be a regular on her site.  Remember GF does not automatically = healthy!

Anyhow we took this recipe and did a one up!

Check out these babies!!!

the original waffle cone

Yes!!!!! One of the most brilliant combos! Our fabulous “ice cream” and waffles!!!

Find the waffle recipe at Fork and Beans

Find the some ice cream ideas at The Spunky Coconut

ice cream maker  waffle iron

two kitchen accessories meant to work together! the waffle iron and the ice cream maker!

oooooooh….. light and crispy waffles. they were a cinch to pop out of the maker, contrary to the photo they really didn’t stick.

She really couldn’t believe we were having ice cream for supper! But using Kelly’s recipes, from the Spunky Coconut, we really didn’t feel even an ounce of guilt.

Original Waffle Cone

The original Waffle Cone!?

frozen waffles

we always cool the leftovers then freeze them – then we can pop them into the toaster for breakfasts, a la eggo waffle!

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