Birthday! Salted Chocolate Tart with Ice Cream and Homemade Magic Shell!!!!

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Salted Chocolate Tart with homemade Ice Cream (ice cream details
will be coming soon!) And Magical Shell!!!

Salted Chocolate Tart with homemade Ice Cream (ice cream details
will be coming soon!) And Magical Shell!!!

This weekend was Dave (my hubby’s) birthday.  The cake decision was difficult as always.  I usually make the birthday girl or boy choose what they want.  Dave was no help this year.  However he did say that warm weather makes him want pie more and cool weather makes him want cake more.  Hmmmmm.  Well the weekend ranged from 45-65 rain and shine and everything in between.  So does that qualify as warm? or cold?

I personally am totally a pie over cake girl (in case anyone needs to know that).

So Liesl and I found a terrific remedy for the situation.  A chocolate tart with homemade ice cream and magic shell (remember the homemade magic shell, magical!!!) – a little heavier yet not a cake.  I think our choice was perfect!!!

The recipe we used for the tart can be found at Tasty Yummies .  I followed her recipe pretty well so I didn’t feel like I could just post the whole thing.  Besides it is another great site for you all to check out!! The recipe comes together very quickly even though it looks a little difficult.  All was done in under and hour!

Here is how it all went down!

greased tart pan with coconut oil – I used an 8 inch

Crust ingredients – I swapped grapeseed oil for coconut oil otherwise it is all the same

filling ingredients – I actually ended up using cashew milk rather than the almond milk pictured here
I think coconut milk would be divine!!!!

the crust is simple – mix it all and dump then pat it down – great job for your assistant

to really get it even we  used a flat glass to tamp it down – then bake it

milk and arrowroot powder (cornstarch works too)  whisk till it is smooth and
almost boiling

have your chocolate chips and coconut oil ready in the mixing bowl – then pour the hot liquid
over it to melt

whisk a few minutes till silky smooth!

pour into the baked crust

mmmmm!  into the fridge for about 4 hours

make sure you use a giant mixing bowl so you can fit your whole face in it!
I think this photo speaks well for the recipe!

Ta Da!!!!! Sprinkle the sea salt on last


mmmmmm!  homemade mint ice cream with homemade magic shell!!!!

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