Black Bean Noodles.

Oh my!  Black bean noodles!  Yes really, noodles made from nothing but black beans and water.  No joke.  We also have mung bean noodles but I have not tried them yet.

Black Bean Noodles

Here they are! I am not getting paid for this plug I promise! I just love them.

I spotted these noodles at the co-op in my hometown and snatched them up.  They are not the most beautiful noodle, kind of greyish brain looking, but the taste is super duper nice!  It has a great al dente texture and mild flavor that I think could pair with most any sauce.

Here is a peak inside the bag.

even though I am a big fan of the color grey, my food is usually not the place I want it. however the taste helped me get over the color fast!

I stuck with the whole black beans and salsa type of theme – I was a little afraid to step further from familiar flavors, now I know better. In this sauce is a combo of salsa, corn, beans, and a little marinara sauce too.

All I can say is YUM!

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