Banana Chocolate Chia Pudding! Sugar free, dairy free, gluten free!!

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Chocolate Chia Banana Pudding!

mmmmmmmm!  Add a little coconut to the mix if you like!

mmmmmmmm! Add a little coconut to the mix if you like!

As a kid I loved tapioca pudding,  I still do actually!  This pudding is kind of like an uber healthy chocolate tapioca pudding!  Only 4 ingredients and 2 minutes and you have a delightful treat waiting for you!  This Chocolate Chia Pudding Rocks!

I know I have talked about Chia seeds before but again here are just a few of their many wonderful qualities!  High in fiber, high in protein, high in omega 3 fatty acids – these babies are like flax seeds but better on pretty much every level (especially taste!)  Chia seeds have pretty much no flavor so they are easily mixed into your smoothies etc. without any off flavor.

Chia seeds are also super absorbent.  So when you mix chia seeds with something they thicken it like crazy.  It won’t be gluey thick but more gelatinous like.  This is what makes your pudding such a cinch!


Milk of choice – chia seeds – unsweetened cocoa powder – banana – that’s it!!


Put the banana, cocoa and milk in a cup and blendy blendy till it is smooth. You can add the chia before or after blending depending on if you want little “tapioca” like balls or not.


You could just drink it like this too!!


Or stir in the chia seeds.  Let sit in fridge for about an hour or more it will get thicker as the chia seeds suck up the moisture.

Yum! Delicious banana chia pudding. All the good none of the bad!!


Here’s the recipe – if you can call it that!

Chocolate Chia Banana Pudding

1 banana

1/2 –  cup milk of choice

2 Tbls chia seeds

1 Tbls cocoa powder (this is really dark chocolately)

Blend the Banana, milk and cocoa  –  Mix in chia after blending  – pour into serving dishes and let firm up in the fridge for at least 1/2- 1 hour

Enjoy with toppings like coconut or cacao nibs or frozen raspberries!!!

Hey this is a DETOX FRIENDLY recipe!!

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