Cool it Down With Watermelon Cucumber Coolers!

Drink your face clear! Here it is. I promised I would post another super cleansing drink that was on the cool side. This drink is so refreshing you won’t believe your tastebuds.

So, this drink is very cool, if you have trouble with red face, rosacea or other hot type of skin issues this is just fine for you – in fact kind of good for you!

Watermelon Cucumber Cooler
Watermelon 3 cups – cubed and frozen on a parchment lined cookie sheet (truly follow this step I didn’t and had a huge block of watermelon ice, not easy to blend!)
Cucumber 1 cuke – cut into pieces
What? is that it! Yes that is it!
variations – add some fresh mint!  yummmmm.
                 – use honeydew in place of watermelon (soooooooooo good! and prettier drink overall)

frozen watermelon block! (take the time to put it on the cookie sheet, trust me!)

ready to blend!  use whatever blender you would use to make iced blended drinks

mmmmmmm……I am making these again as soon as my watermelon is frozen! the only downside is the color – red and green really do make brownish – oh well close your eyes and enter cool refreshing bliss!!!

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