Deconstructed Rice Bowl with Roasted Green beans


One cool spring evening I set out to make supper.  WHAT?  Not one fresh vegetable was to be found!  Whoa!  I really didn’t want to go to the store.  We wanted something easy and Liesl reeeeeally wanted white rice (she is kind of obsessed with white rice).  So, I feel like if we are going to eat white rice we really ought to have some kind of veg.  I checked the freezer and had an old bag of frozen green beans.

How do you resurrect old freezer burnt green beans you ask?  I will tell you.  You can roast them just like fresh ones!!! Yay!

I have never tried this before but I thought it just might work.  Now, truly, fresh are better but in a pinch this was great!


Old frozen veg is better than no veg at all!

Old frozen veg is better than no veg at all!

Toss the beans with some (1 tblsp per bag) olive oil and salt then spread on a baking pan

Bake for 20 minutes at 425degrees.

Cook up some rice (any kind you like)


frozen beans roasted tossed with olive oil and sea salt

Use about 1 Tbls olive oil with sea salt. Toss it in the frozen veg.

beans on baking sheet

Spread on a baking sheet. Bake 425 for 20 minutes or till a little golden. I like the burnt parts!

roasted green beans

Mmmm… It Worked!! Yay!

I pulled out some dry roasted peanuts, some black sesame seeds, salt and some seaweed for fun.  Done! and Yum!

green beans peanuts sesame seeds deconstructed rice bowl

Serve it up with whatever you like. This is what I had on hand. I love peanuts and green beans together! Salty crunchy lovely supper!

green beans peanuts salt

mmmmmm……satisfying. I even like it without the rice.



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