Don’t forget about these! Clean Eating!


Spring is coming!  Really, it is coming!  Maybe not today but soon!

This time of the year I really get on a spring cleaning kick.  I love my house to feel fresh and my body to feel vibrant.  Get those winter dustballs out of my system!  Here is a recap of some of my favorite mind and body refreshing recipes that I have posted over the years  (seriously I have been doing a blog for years!!?? how did that happen!?).

Whether or not you are doing an official cleanse or detox these recipes are worth fitting into your repertoire!

Sweet and Crunchy Pom Pear Salad

Refreshing winter salad! As yummy as it is beautiful!

Refreshing winter salad! As yummy as it is beautiful!

Nourishing Fall Flavor Soup – sadly no photo of this one either!

Amazing raw Crackers!


Mock Tuna Salad  sorry no photo of this one!  Take my word for it – totally worth trying.  I could live on this stuff if my husband could stand my eternal onion breath!!

Sprouts!  DYI


Quinoa for Breakfast

Balsamic Beet Sauce for Veg or Noodles! try with tahini instead of walnuts

Darkest chocolate candy bars!  at last dessert – make these without the raisins and stuff em with coconut and gogi berries or dried blueberries for a stellar dark chocolate bar!!!!

Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhh! She Shoots She Scores!

Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhh! She Shoots She Scores!


Don’t forget!  Tomorrow Friday Feb. 28th is the last day to sign up for the 12 day detox.  We have a stellar group already who would welcome you with open arms!   Here is the link to sign up!  Sign me Up!

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