Don’t Hate on My Food!

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Did you catch my post about Not Offending Grandma?  Check it out if you didn’t.  This post is along the same lines but a little more self righteous.

Dreamy! Yes, I dream about these things, especially in the winter!

All to often I have this conversation with friends or clients.  Situation – trying really hard to eat well and be healthy, not eating everything in sight and getting picked on by friends or even people you don’t know!?  What, Why?  This has happened to me on more than one occasion.

Once upon a time…I was at a curling bonspiel (yeah, I know most of you don’t know what I am talking about, its okay, it is just a super fun sporting event with lots of food and drink involved during the down time!).  Anyhow,  I ran to the area Whole foods at lunchtime to grab some food, because there was no food option for me that fit my dietary restrictions and choices.  No big deal, I am totally used to fending for myself and do it happily.  But each day a few big guys couldn’t resist going on and on about my food and what I was choosing to eat blah blah blah.  I tried so hard to just let it slide off my back.  I tend to avoid conflict and food discussions unless I know the person is interested.  But these guys could not handle the fact that I wanted to go get food that I was comfortable eating.  I didn’t ask anyone to make accommodations, I didn’t tell anyone they shouldn’t eat the food they were eating.  Really, if you know me in social situations I usually hide in the corner and observe most of the time, unless I am with really good friends.  In the evenings it continued,  I chose to not have any coctails, again a personal choice and I got so much flack for not drinking alcohol (I felt like I was in high school) bizarre!  Let me be clear these are all adults!  So, as the weekend wore on the comments wore my patience down.  I don’t remember what I said exactly but  it was something rude about not eating the crap they were eating and having a heart attack by the time I turned 50!  Whoops!  Yup, not my most zen moment.  I am pretty sure nobody talked to me the rest of the time out of fear of what the crazy vegetarian health nut might say!  I felt ganged up on and frustrated.  Why is it okay to make snide remarks about someone’s healthful decisions but not the other way around.  If I had been spouting off about the potato chips and coleslaw and burgers and pop (soda) they were consuming nobody would have laughed, they would have been horrified.  But these guys were the “funny” guys.

Looking back at that weekend and countless other times that I have been teased or questioned about my food choices I have learned so much more about what is really going on.  Most people are uncomfortable with anything out of the ordinary.  Unfortunately in our culture it is extraordinary to be health conscious.  That to me is crazy but I know it is true.  Most people are more familiar with a McDonalds hamburger than with spring greens.  Over the years I have become more tolerant of the snide comments and I really believe in the way I eat and the way I feed my family.  I know that more people are learning from my example in choosing a whole foods plant based diet.  I see it in my clients, my family and my friends and my daughter’s friends too.  I can look past the comments and feel secure in knowing I am doing the best I can with my resources.  I still won’t comment on someone’s plate (unless they ask of course!).  I also know that insecurities run deep, often remarks are an attempt to get someone to join in.  If we all eat the same things then it is okay right?  Nope not right.  Don’t fall into that trap.  Be your own unique self, make your own decisions and stand in your truth.

For too many years I tried to live other peoples truths, it got me nowhere but overweight and sad.  I am happy to be celebrating many years of living my truth, and I just keep getting truer and healthier and happier!

I dare you to be extraordinary in health!  Have you ever had an experience like this?  What did you do or say?  Or what would you like to have said!?







  • Lenore Lampi

    I am sorry to hear that, Jodie, we only have to pay attention to the popular media and there is plenty that supports what you are saying….like, hmmm, half of your plate should be vegetables, for example….

    • jodie_admin

      Luckily for me I am usually surrounded by healthy and supportive folks like you Lenni.