Favorite Fall Links!


I had a dreamy summer!  Great weather, amazing vacations, camping, hiking, hanging out, swimming, working once in a while!  My schedule was all over the place just like summer should be!  So blogging took a back seat to summer, as it should be!  Here is a brief look into what I did blog reading wise this summer!


Camping – a great reason to not be on the computer this summer!

I really love to cook and to create and to read about what other people cook and create!  This summer I spent a lot of time, let’s call it research to make me feel better about it, reading blogs and drooling over food!  The past months have been really hot so I have hardly used my oven or stove top.  This makes me sad!  But I am making up for it now!

Here are some things I either have tried or will be trying very soon!  And these websites are some of my go to sites for healthy (mostly) amazing (always) recipes.

Jumbo Chickpea Pancake!  A local restaurant The Duluth Grill  makes something like this and I love it so I am trying it tonight! Yum!

Easy No Bake Protein Bars  I have made these and they rock!  I keep mine in the freezer and take them out the day I want to eat them.  They sort of remind me of the old school power bars – I have to admit I kind of love those!

Vegan Nacho Cheese Dip  Um, this is amazing!!!!!!  I made it without the soy chorizo.  I ate far to much of this and had a serious belly ache, and yet the next day I miraculously forgot and did it again.  Worth every groan of the belly!!!

Cashew Cheesecake  I made this no less than 5 times this summer, I took off from this main recipe and made many flavors and shapes and sizes – each one was rockin awesome!!!

Fermented Veggies This is a great video that shows just how ridiculously easy fermenting is!  If you have not read Cooked by Micheal Pollan, do!  I think it is a great book.  I personally liked the last section on fermenting the best, but the whole thing is fun and engaging and you might learn something too!

Paleo Cocoa Puffs!  Okay!  this cracks me up!  I have not made these yet, but I feel I must!!!  They look toooooo fun to pass up!  Not sure I would use these for breakfast, but a really fun snack for sure!

Stay tuned for more coming up.  School is back in session and I am back to a normal schedule.

Let the blogging begin! Again!


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