Fermenting Pickled Vegetables!

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This post may be way out there for some of you, but I know a few for who this will totally rock your world!

There are tons of photos in this one!

For ages people have been fermenting foods as a form of preservation and a way to get healthful bacteria into our bodies.  Yogurt is a fermented food that most of us are familiar with.  In the past few years healthy bacteria has been getting a bunch of positive attention.  It seems like many people are taking probiotic supplements and eating yogurt in search of relieving gut issues.

Similar to making yogurt you can also make fermented “pickles” or pickled vegetables.  Real sour kraut is a good example of fermented vegetables.  Have you ever had real sour kraut from a jar, nice and crunchy and tangy.  Wow!  It will blow you away if you are a sour kraut lover and have only had the mushy kind from a can or frozen.

I love fermented vegetables whether in the form of pickles, pickled veg or sour kraut.  It adds a zing to most foods.  We especially like some ferments on our chili!  It is an amazing combo!

Fermented Vegetables
What you need

Vegetables such as –
Carrots (my little ones favorite)
Cauliflower (my total favorite)
Green Beans
Onions (oh a close second favorite)
(I tried green peppers – yuck! but you might like them!)

Some salt water (brine)
You can use as much or as little salt as you like.  More salt makes crunchier veg. but ferments slower.
Less salt ferments faster slightly less crunch.

Here is a general recommendation 3 Tbls salt to 5lb veg.  It is extremely variable.  See below for what I did.

Check out this link if you need expert advise on ferments it is full of great info

Alrighty enjoy the photos and follow along to create your own Tastey lovely crunchy Veg!!!!

Choose your veg (I don’t recommend green pepper)

put in a glass bowl or I use my crock pot (do not plug it in!!!!)

all ready for the brine!

I used about 2 tbls for the whole crock full pour it in and it should just about reach the top of the veg.
here are bubbies fermented pickles you can buy from the store!  Soooooo good!

find a plate that fits fairly tightly to the sides. you don’t want stray veg bits floating up they must stay submerged or molds will grow like crazy, and you don’t want to eat any that have been floating either.

now use your muscles and push down until the brine comes up over the plate

set a big jar filled with water on top

the brine will continue to get deeper as it seeps from the veg, this is good. 

cover with a cloth  and let it sit for 4-7 days

oops we have a mold issue! Day 6 – this is totally fine,  all you do is skim  the mold off .  these molds are not dangerous but you don’t want them in your food it will ruin your ferments.

to get the mold off I lay a paper towel on top gently and most of it will stick to the towel.  you may need to do this several times, wipe down the sides of your crock and pour off any extra that has mold left in it.

here it is 6 days from the start all fermented and crunchy and wonderful

wash your hands well and start packing the veg in to jars as tightly as you can then pour in the remaining brine.  you want the veg covered by brine still.  if you have to you can add a bit more salt water brine

the white is from last time,  the red is from this time (the purple cabbage is what made it pink)

I added some spices – mustard seed, red pepper flakes – at the beginning

Seriously Beautiful!!!!  Keep it refrigerated for months!!!  But you can eat it right away!

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