Fertility Cleanse

Fertility Kick-Start Cleanse

You are about to embark upon a journey of clean eating for fertility, amazing new recipes, important information, personal support and fun!

Once you have signed up you can expect an email from me within 24 hours with all of the amazing information you will need to begin your journey.

The first step will be preparing for the week of clean eating.  Get your groceries and wrap your head around what this all means!  Get your questions answered before we dive in.

Every time you open up the cupboard you make choices that either support your body or don’t.   Find out what works for you and your body.

This week you will learn what foods feel good and nourishing to your body. What things do you struggle with?  What things are easy to change? Do you have support surrounding your new healthy choices.

When the week is over  we can make a plan to figure out what is the next step.  What are your options?  What did you struggle with?  What worked well?  Who can be part of your support network now?

By the way –  This is not a “diet” nor do I intend for you to lose weight.  Some of you may drop a pound or two but that is not the point.  The idea is to get out the old junk and completely blast your body with nutrient dense amazing foods that will nourish your body.  Too often we fall into old patterns, and this will most certainly shake things up a bit!

Give me a call and get started now!!  By the way this is a great shake up for any “body” so make sure to bring a support partner along for the ride!  Everything is more fun with a friend and partner!