Fertility Services

Putting all the components of a fertility plan together can be a life changing experience.  Are you ready to take the time to really work on you?  Creating a healthy mind and body is the first step to creating a successful family.  It starts with feeling your best, understanding the options available, and knowing you have a say in this journey.  You can commit to creating a body that is ready for pregnancy and a mind that feels confident in moving forward.  These fertility services can be used whether you choose to conceive naturally, through medically Assisted Reproductive Therapy (including IUI or IVF), or fall somewhere in between.

Treatment options:

  • Fertility planning session
  • Weekly session for acupuncture
  • 1 Week Supported Fertility Cleanse

These options are designed to make your body and mind ready for pregnancy.  It all starts with the fertility planning session to set the course for your journey.

Contact us now to set up a planning session and see what this journey will be like!