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Since my daughter was born we have struggled with her digestion.  We seemed to have about a year reprieve where it seemed as though she was going to be able to eat pretty much anything she wanted.  But this year we have encountered more and more belly aches, pretty much daily.

We finally had some tests done and it turns out that thankfully she does not have celiac, however she is extremely sensitive to gluten, dairy and soy.  Here were some of my first few thoughts – we can do this – oh sad, she loves cheese! – the tests have to be wrong – ugh! – I am poisoning my baby! – argh! – good thing we know now – oh, we could make this or this or this – at least she can eat eggs – okay, how do I make her gut stronger – ack!!

She is older now and much more aware of what she is or is not eating (lucky for us she is one of the least picky eaters ever).  She wants to feel good but she also wants to be the same as the other kids in class.  I felt so defeated when she told me that someone brought a big cake to school and all she could eat was the snack I had sent to school for her.  She was in tears and just kept telling me how big the cake was.  My heart was breaking.  I have tried to gently educate the other parents a bit and give alternative suggestions, but I can’t make anyone follow our restrictions.

I won’t lie, there have been a few tears shed.  I was talking to a friend and freaking out and she said, who can you talk to about this and how to make a plan.  And my pitiful answer was ME!  I am the one people turn to!  But I didn’t want to have to come up with all of the answers this time.  Thank goodness these days we have the amazing internet to turn to.  I have been finding even more amazing blogs to follow and learn from.  I have been reading stories about others struggling to find answers to health issues through food, some successful others not.

I am so grateful that I have been made aware of this early on.  We are all now gluten free for good, no soy or dairy in the house  (I am slowly weaning myself from cream in my coffee – and in my world what is the point of coffee without cream, sigh).
We are eating even cleaner than we were before, and it feels good.

So from now on my recipes will be Gluten Free, Soy Free and Dairy Free (not always egg free though).

Clean Eating Carrot Salad
– from a friend who I think got it from a Moosewood book

all of the amounts are completely variable!

3 grated carrots -use a food pro to save your fingers
2 oranges -1 for juice and 1 to cut up
1 tbls honey
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Grate the carrots
Peel section and cut 1 orange into bite size pieces 

In a bowl squeeze the other orange and mix with the honey and cinnamon (sort of a dressing)

Mix it all together and enjoy!  Oh how I love this salad 🙂

Sorry no photos!  I will make it again soon though, and maybe edit the post with photos.

When I had this at my friend’s house I was about an inch away from taking the entire bowl off the buffet table and hiding in a corner to inhale all of it!  It is a terrific end of the winter salad that will brighten your day 🙂

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