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our naturally dyed eggs

I wanted to post my recipe for cupcakes that I am making for Easter, but I am not going to make them till Saturday.  So as I was scouring the internet for other treats I came across a great post at  she has links to tons of really amazing looking holiday or everyday sweet treats.  I was drooling.  I am  certainly keeping that page bookmarked for those special days when feel like yelling I am Crazy Mom Woman Give Me Some Candaaaaaaay!  (that is a snl reference, if you are my age you probably remember it, if you don’t you probably just think I am crazy, oh well).

Here is the link Great Easter Treats at Whole New Mom 

Have a lovely weekend!  I know we will be eating lots of hard boiled eggs!

By the way here is how we did these eggs –
-the brown, orange, and yellow tie dyed looking ones are using onion skins (the dry flakes from the outside) secured all around the raw egg with some cloth and a rubber band, then boil your egg to hard boil it.  let them cool a bit, unwrap and they are beautiful!!!
-the blue is from boiling in water with purple cabbage leaves and a little vinegar – let cool in the water
-the brownish purple is boiling with pieces of beets and vinegar – let cool in the water
-the bright yellow is letting the already boiled egg soak in tumeric water and vinegar

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