Green Eggs, No Ham!

It’s time for supper and we are starving (figuratively).  What is our go to?  Green Eggs – hands down!

This dish is a great way to get some veggies into your meal, sneaking them in if you have to .  We sometimes call these “monster eggs”.  This only works with some children by the way.

Luckily for me I don’t need to do too much “sneaking”.  My daughter so far really loves to try new things, and she does not suffer from the green food phobia that I know is rampant amongst the younger generation.
Green Eggs No Ham

6 eggs
2-3 cups raw spinach
2 Tbls milk or water
2 oz feta cheese (optional)
if you don’t have cheese in there you will need to salt it to taste
I often add any leftover steamed veg to this.

in this photo – spinach, eggs, feta, milk, leftover squash

great color, eh!

not the prettiest photo!

Blend it all up with your hand blender or regular blender
Cook up just like scrambled eggs.

the colors are so fun!  who wouldn’t eat a pink and green supper?

We like to serve this with a smoothie of some sort.  This would be great with a side of polenta or grits!