Healthy Halloween Party Ideas – Round up

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My little Witch a couple of years ago.  The leaf pile was irresistible.

My little Witch a couple of years ago. The leaf pile was irresistible.

I have had a few people ask me lately what do I do for Halloween and parties etc. I have been a room helper at school and have managed to have pretty healthy parties and the kiddos had a blast without the candy!!  Truly, the kids are so pumped up over the activities, costumes and the trick or treating in store that they never miss it!

Try to go activity heavy and food light at the parties.  Usually the kids have just finished lunch so they are not that hungry anyhow.

Last year we did the old fashioned apples on a string (1 per kid) hung them from the ceiling and the kids try to eat them with no hands. It was hilarious! The kids had a blast! Then they munched on apples the rest of the time.

I love reading spooky stories to the classes, but sometimes they are so crazy it is hard to get them to sit still and calm down. So a bag of popcorn for each and we have instant attention and a healthy snack.

Here are a few links to pages with some ideas that I have tried and some that I plan to try some year! Enjoy and get inspired! By the way Pinterest is an incredible resource for ideas too!

Mummy Drink Boxes – We did this and they were a hit! Most kids just brought them home but it was a fun project.

Apple Monster Teeth – these were super fun! The photos were a riot with all the monster teeth! We didn’t use the nut butter, we just stuck the almond slivers into the apple directly. This link has some other great ideas too. In our school we cannot bring in homemade things but this link has great ideas for a home party.

pepper jacks! These are clearly not for the school halloween party but I had to share because they are toooo cute! Maybe for a healthy pre trick or treating dinner.

Happy Healthy Halloween!  Tell me what do you do to make your celebrating healthier?


  • Cameron Hubley

    Hi Jodie! Would you happen to have any ideas for a class party? Everything has to be store bought…..I guess. I was thinking about the clementines and apples in a big bowl, string cheese and plain popcorn in paper bags. What do you think?

    • jodie

      We got around the store bought thing by prepping some at school. We cut up the apples in the cafeteria and let the kids put the almonds in for monster teeth. We filled the popcorn bags at school too. Popcorn balls are a nice option and a less sugary. hmmm… what else? Anybody have other fun ideas? I wish bobbing for apples was not a germ fest, it would be really fun to watch!