At Home Exercise Made…..Easy? Maybe.


At Home Exercise Routines from Pinterest?  Really? Okay I’ll try!


I love exercise videos!  I love at home exercise routines, classes, yoga, running, yes I really do!  It must be all those Jane Fonda Workouts we did with my mom when I was a kid, or at least we giggled and wiggled around my mom while she did the workouts.

But what I love best is trying new exercises!  So lately I have been noticing so many intriguing Pinterest workouts.  People are putting all kinds of crazy stuff out there and they look sooooo beautiful all graphically designed and lovely!  Have you seen these little mini posters with workouts on them?  They are all over facebook too.

So I am doing a month long Ab Challenge just for fun with a group, but I need more than that!  So I thought it might be fun to try out some of these workout Pins.  I will give each one a week or so (depending on how quickly I get bored with them).  I do enjoy many kinds of exercise so I may not do only this, and I may not do this every single day.

So here is workout #1 for this week or so.  This one cracks me up, because I so needed this when Liesl was a baby!  It is called the “Quiet Workout”.  If you have ever had a light sleeper during naptime this one is for you.

I would link back to the creator of this one but the website is no longer available.  But this stuff is all over pinterest.

What are your favorite exercises? Have you tried any of these mini workouts?

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