Keep On Movin’ This Winter! Guest Blogger Katie!


Keep on Movin’ this Holiday Season

I would like to welcome Katie Corcoran to the blog!  Katie is a fellow graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She has written a great post for us on exercise in the winter.  Enjoy!!!

5 tips to combat the cold and still rock your exercise this holiday season
It’s December (surprise!), you’re cold, and have already “had it” with the dropping temperatures. The stress of the holidays have you saying “no thank you to sweating at the gym” as you’re too busy rushing around to stores preparing for The Big Event(s) with gifts, meal-planning and people-coordinating. So when gym-time rolls around, you’re just about ready to throw in the towel, put on some baggy sweats, sip on a sugary latte by the fire and call it a day!
Well friends, that’s all well and good and I often find myself in this same holiday rut, but it’s important to be reminded that each day counts when keeping you bod happy and healthy. Training for that road race can certainly wait until spring, so I encourage you to maintain that movement by keeping it simple and following my happy body tips this holiday season:
1.) Sign up for classes 
Classes are an excellent way to open your mind up to a new kind of workout and free classes or new member trials are a fantastic way to keep movement interesting. Plus since you often have to “sign up” you’ll be held accountable to make it to your sweat-sesh on time.
2.) Get social. 
Haven’t seen a friend in awhile? Instead of meeting for a typical coffee or dinner date, encourage a friend to attend a class with you or bundle up and go for a brisk walk. Who knows, the change in setting may spark a new, inspiring conversation.
3.) Explore the online thing 
If you just can’t bare to leave your humble abode, try on an online yoga class for size. There are a number of free options so surf the web for your class of choice or try these free classes here.
4.) Maintain a routine 
I can’t stress the power of maintaing a strong daily routine enough. When you maintain some sort of normalcy in your day, I find it often leads to greater productivity and can assist with overall energy / happiness levels. And who doesn’t want to have a positive attitude and an abundance of energy when pounding the pavement to find the perfect gift for a loved one? Sign me up!
5.) Lastly, don’t be hard on yourself
This is honestly and truly my most important suggestion this holiday season. Nature gives us a bit of leeway during the winter as we’re meant to strengthen our bodies during this season to stay warm. Since we’ve passed the era of our primitive past, I don’t recommend adding too much weight to the body, but do know it’s normal to feel (and perhaps get) a bit heavier during this season. If a an hour long workout is just not in the cards for today, then fit in a quick 20-minute walk! Any movement is better than no movement at all.
Wishing you all a happy holiday season and feel free to head on over to for more healthy-living tips and sign up for my newsletter here.
Enjoy all the wonderful things that 2013 still has in store!
Bio for Katie
Katie Corcoran is a healthy living expert, coach and lover of all things kale and cacao. She believes we are all destined to break free from our fears and live life our absolute greatest potential. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach (AADP), Wellness Blogger and Business Mentor, Katie works to empower women through her group programs to make healthier decisions in their relationships, careers, healthy eating, movement habits, and also learn how to harvest have a strong relationship with their finances. To learn more about Katie, visit her website at or by emailing

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