Leftovers! Egg Bake again!!!

I realize that I have posted about egg bakes before but I wanted to give you another variation. 
Really truly if you eat eggs and you have leftovers you can mix the two together and have supper baked in 40 minutes with very very very little effort on your part.

So tonight we had leftover quinoa (a lovely protein packed grain), you can use rice, potato, wild rice.  We had leftover baked delicata squash, and we had some shitake mushrooms that had to get used up.  So in it all goes!!! Yum!  Make a fruit smoothie and everyone is happy!

Squash Egg Bake

6 eggs (more if you like)
leftover squash
4 cloves garlic
1-1/2 cups quinoa (use more if you want)
2 Tbls soy sauce or Braggs
2 Tbls water or milk of choice
1 cup shitake mushrooms or any mushroom you have

Blend the eggs, squash, soy sauce, water, and garlic
Mix in the quinoa and mushrooms

Pour into a greased cast iron skillet or 8X8 square pan

Bake at 350 for 35-45 minutes till firm in the center.

here are the ingredients you blend together

here it is all golden and lovely – ready to stir in the quinoa and mushrooms

all mixed up –
 I made this the night before so that my lovely assistants (husband and daughter)
 could put it in the oven the next night when I was not going to be home.

mmmmm…. leftovers for breakfast the next day too!

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