Long Weekend Treats! Crispy Treats…

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It is Memorial Day weekend and what does that mean? Food, fun, BBQs, hopefully a little sunshine! This is a quick post on one great and super easy treat for kids and adults. This is a “better choice” in place of special K bars or rice crispy bars.This is a vegetarian version made with brown rice crispies, nut butter of your choice, and brown rice syrup. You can add any mix ins you like.5 minutes and you are done! This makes a small batch – about 20 servings or so depending on how you form them.Rice Crispy Bars (boosted)1/2 cup brown rice syrup1/2 cup nut butter (peanut is always a standby)3 cups brown rice crispiespossible mix ins – raisins, choc. chips, other nuts, coconut, chia seeds etc etc…..warm and melt the nut butter and brown rice syrup over the stove until you can mix them together (no need to boil or anything). Then in a large mixing bowl mix up with the crispies. Your hands will be covered in cereal and yummy sticky stuff, this is a benefit for the mixer, as you get to eat the stuff off of your fingers mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!This is when you want to mix in anything extra.< p$1>Next wash and wet your hands and you have a few choices. Press firmly in a greased or parchment lined 8×8 pan. Or form into balls or press into greased or silicon muffin tins.Eat right away if you like or stick in the fridge covered and eat whenever you want!Enjoy and have a safe holiday weekend!

here are some ingredient choices –

brown rice syrup and peanut butter warming up

this time I put in 1/4 cup coconut and 2 tbls chia seeds in addition to the reg. ingredients

These are my brown rice crispies of choice

mixed up and fingers licked clean

this time I pressed them into silicon muffin tins – you could drizzle melted choc. on top for a treat!


portable and delicious


I felt very happy giving them seconds! /DSC04308.JPG” />

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