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Has it happened yet?  Have you found yourselves frustrated and out of ideas for the lunchbox!  It happens every year, sometimes on the first day of school!  Even if you have great ideas, they somehow fly out of the brain when lunch making time comes!  I have some really great links for you!   Each site has it’s on spin on lunches.  I am certain one or two of them will be helpful.

Ideas and notes! Link – This link has some fun stuff, a great idea generator list to stick on the fridge, and for the overachiever printable little love notes for the lunch box!

Link within a link! -Amazing amount of info and resources on Allergy Friendly Lunches

Vegan Lunchbox – More ideas and clever lunches, not allergen friendly, but it is a great idea resource!


Here are some simple things we pop into the lunchbox!  Or eat for breakfast!

Banana and nut butter of choice wrapped in tortilla of choice.


Quesadilla – with cheese or cheese substitute and tortilla of choice (quickly warm in a pan to melt the cheese). We sometimes send a little container of spaghetti sauce or salsa to dip in.  Add a fried egg to the middle of it and you are totally set,  just wrap it up!

Pancake and Waffle Sandwiches – we always freeze our leftover pancakes and waffles – they make great substitutions for bread, and they thaw out by the time the kiddos have lunch.   

Leftover Sushi – without the fish – try avocado, cucumber, egg   sushi click here to see my sushi post

Soup –  invest in a good thermos and send leftovers from the night before!  Warm soup is soooooo welcome on those cold recess days!

I hope this helps!




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