New Duds! More pops!!

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Every so often I decide that my ratty old t-shirts and cut off sweat pants are no longer appropriate for the gym or public at all and I decide to get something new and inspiring to wear to sweat in (funny thing isn’t it!).  Well, lately in the running department things have been getting very very exciting fashion-wise.  Have you all seen the many varieties of running skorts!  Love them.  I am not a big fan of shorts so the idea of super cute skirts with built in shorts is wonderful!

I purchased 2 of these wonderful skirts the other day and I might not ever wear anything else ever again!  Talk about comfy and cute.  I read an article in a running mag the other day and there is a name for all of us stylish new gear running gals Fastinistas!!!!!  Love that new word.  And I think I am faster in my skirts!

Hello!  Check out the ruffle!  Too Cute, and super fast!

Can’t go wrong with purple!  Purple is super fast!  Yes, those are my toes which are also faster when painted.

Anyhow I was also thinking about how when we get something new it is imperative that we use it asap, right!?  So these skirts have definitely gotten me out on the road a few days that I may not have!  The joy of new gear is sometimes all we need to get out of a funk! 

These are cute enough to run directly out for a bite to eat with your running buddies too!

Or if you are running home you can hang out on the front steps and cool off with these!

More Pops!

Otter Pops! explanation at bottom of post!

blend up some watermelon – stick some berries or other fruit in your molds then pour the watermelon juice over top and presto!!  You could use any juice for this by the way.


I used frozen fruit this time since I had it – also try bananas, kiwis or other!

drop in the fruit

pour in the juice

freeze and look what kind of a reaction you get when you pull them out of the freezer!


 Eating these made me think of when my hubby worked at an aquarium and they would freeze fruit and things in buckets of ice for the otters to play with in the water.  They would bat the ice blocks around and gnaw on it trying to find the food inside!  Thus the otter pop is born!!!  I know it wouldn’t sell but I like it!

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