New Guest Blogger – Joe with Pesto and Posture!

Hi everyone.  I hope your holidays were/are lovely!  We have been happily busy enjoying the mild temperatures yet hoping each day for more snow!  Anyhow my guest blogger this week is my cousin Joe who is a Physical Therapist and quite the cook.  He made an amazing salad when we had him over for dinner and I knew I had to get him to share something with us.  Enjoy and have a happy new year!

My resolution is to have better posture!  Thanks Joe. Enjoy!

Hello all! Well, awhile ago (sorry Jodie), Jodie had asked me to submit a no fuss recipe from a bachelor stand point and some tips about shoveling injuries or fall prevention from a Physical Therapist view point; however, there is no snow!!
So instead some pesto for that posture…
More and more, I’ve believe that posture is becoming an underlying culprit for developed impairments later in life…or even early on as I’ve been getting more kids (under the age of 14) with back pain….way too young! By no means do we need to have a rigid spine with a balanced book on our head but in a way we are “de-evolving.”
Progressively, our sustained seated and flexed postures and our work being done within a confined range and space are eventually resulting into new injuries of blackberry thumbs to the weekend Wii Fit injuries amongst the old true and blue neck, back, shoulder, and leg pains.
We can alleviate, even prevent some progressive ailments with just a few postural checks
– Chin Tuck: Bring that head back over the shoulders
– Scap Set: Pull the shoulders back and down without arching the back
– Draw in the belly with lengthening with an “upward spiral” through the spine
– Tuck the pelvis under you
– Ground the arches into the floor
So in a few words…Stand up and sit up tall!
And for that posture…some easy pesto…my go to for a very easy, cheap, an diverse bang for your buck
Basic Pesto:
                2 Cups Fresh Basil
                ½ cup Parmesan Cheese
                ½ cup walnuts (most recipes call for pine nuts but walnuts are just as good, and cheaper)
                ½ cup EVOO
                3 cloves garlic
Pesto via Tyler Florence (this enables me to use up parsely from the summer herb garden but also add a little kick without such an overwhelming basil taste)
                2 cups Fresh Basil
                1 cup Italian Parsley
                ½ cup Parmesan Cheese
                ½ cup walnuts
                3-4 garlic cloves
                ¼ tsp salt
                1 tbsp lemon juice
                ½ tsp Red Pepper Flakes
So easy as 1.…



Great for these cold nights with soup and a grilled mozzarella cheese sandwich!

But also easy and good with….
– Pasta
– Gnocchi
– English muffins alone or with roasted veggies on top
– Pizza
– With Steak or Chicken
Options are endless….and it freezes great from those summer gardens to use in these winter months.

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