Nourishing Fall Soup! – 1 1/2 Weeks till the Fertility Kick Start!

Nothing says autumn and comfort like a big bowl of soup!

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When I started thinking about doing a detox or cleanse for fertility, I was worried about what to call it.  A detox sounds harsh, as does cleanse.  This program is anything but harsh.  Yes you will be eating clean and healthy but in this case that doesn’t mean you are going to be only drinking green juice, and raw carrot sticks.

Raw food detox and juice cleanses are great for some people in some circumstances in some climates.  This is a different approach.  In my work as an acupuncturist and studying Oriental Medicine Theory I have a great respect for cooked foods and the healing qualities it has to offer.  I especially appreciate this for people trying to create a fertile body.

This soup is warming and beautiful in flavor and color!  Enjoy it with all of your senses! This would be great for a pre-trick or treating meal!!!  Or post!

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Nourishing Soup!

1 large onion chopped

1 Delicata Squash -seeded and diced, not peeled (you can eat the skin) *use any kind of squash you like, or even frozen!

3 Tomatoes (or one small can) diced or blended

1 cup frozen corn

1 – 2 Tbls. chili  powder

1-2 Tbls cumin ground

1 – 2 tsp ginger ground

water to cover by 2 inches

Salt to taste – or use veg stock in place of water

Bring to a boil then turn to a simmer till veg are tender.

Tips and Options

*I like to cook some quinoa or rice separately and put a big spoonful in each bowl*

* a little squirt of lime in the bowls at the end would be nice too* 

*throw some spinach in at the end with the heat turned off, so it doesn’t over cook, the heat of the soup will cook it enough *





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