Our Favorite Gluten Free Pizza!!

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Pizza!!!  I have never been a super big fan of pizza myself.  However my family loves pizza and I know most other people do to.  So I thought I would share one of our experiences with GF, CF, SF pizza!  The results were very very very shareable!  That means it was mighty tasty 🙂  I even enjoy it!  I think I must have known all along that gluten and dairy didn’t work for me and pizza was that deadly combo that left me feeling gross.  So this pizza is a fun new tasty experience for me too!


dump in all the dry ingredients, mix then add all the wet till it forms a nice ball – you can use whatever cheese you like. We use daiya because it is  gf, df, and sf.

This recipe was adapted from an adaptation of a cheese biscuit recipe I found about a year ago at GlutenFreeEasily.  We have been making this pizza crust exclusively until recently.  We tried another really great paleo style pizza crust from Realsustanence.  and while that one was really good – esp for thin crust lovers (perhaps healthier too) I think we will stick with this recipe most often.  The pizza eaters in my house prefer more cheese and doughier crusts.  However I encourage you to try both!


 Cheesy Crust! Pizza

1 1/4 cup tapioca starch

1 cup daiya cheese (you can use whatever cheese your body can eat)

1 tsp b. powder

2 eggs

1/4 cup olive oil

you can add garlic powder or other herbs to the crust if you like

Mix it up in a bowl and roll it out!

Roll out in between parchment paper till it is as thick as you like it – it is good many different thicknesses! you just might have to watch carefully when baking.

Bake at 450 degrees about 5 minutes – take out and add toppings

Keep in mind you have lots of cheese in the crust already so no need to go overboard on top

Bake again till the toppings are all bubbly and lovely about 5-8 minutes


this recipe makes about 2 10-12 inch pizzas depending how thin or thick you like it


roll it out between parchment peices


beautiful cheese studded crust!


this time we made some small personal size pizzas to freeze for later – they work just fine frozen, but fresh is better



par bake 5 minutes then add toppings – then bake in the oven till it is ooey gooey bubbly pizza looking!


Oh hoo hoo! Looks delish even to me! If only we had some fresh basil!


Who gets the last piece!!! By the way these are great leftovers for those of you who love the cold pizza from the box!

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