P90X! What! Homemade Magic Shell!

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Have you all heard of P90X yet?  Well this thing is something of a phenomenon in the exercise video world.  I didn’t know what it was until 3 of my sisters and bro-in-laws started doing it!  What? the guys were doing the videos too!  I have a confession to make,  I am something of an exercise video junkie!  I love workout videos.  My all time favorite is The Firm the very first one – the woman is all breathy and sexy sounding and it cracks me up but it also kicks my butt!

So anyhow suddenly everyone I know is doing these videos and getting some serious muscles.  I love to run and my legs are strong but my arms, not so much.  So I jumped on the bandwagon a couple of months ago and I am having a blast!  The instructor, Tony, is soooo crazy and strange it makes me feel like I am at home!  Oh and my biceps are huge!!  Okay not huge, but seriously strong!!  Arm wrestle anyone?

As we age it really is important to build muscle strength.  I had been avoiding it for a long time because I really don’t like going to the weight room.  Now I just go in the basement and party with Tony and the gang.

Sometimes I just want to have a lovely treat after I have done a hard workout.  Here is a sort of healthified childhood memory dessert!  A long long long time ago there was this neighborhood icecream shop called “Norman’s”.  They would take entire bananas and put a stick in them and dip them in that hard shell stuff, you know the cherry, butterscotch or chocolate and freeze them.  It was such a great treat.  So here is my version!

Homemade Magic Shell and Frozen Bananas!!!!!

2″ pieces of banana frozen with toothpicks – inserted before you freeze them (I didn’t oops learn from my mistakes)

Next – Melt together 100gs coconut oil and 150gs of your favorite chocolate!!!!

Or measure about 1 cup coconut oil and 1-2 cups chocolate (this is pretty forgiving).
-I sprinkled a little salt in there just to make it even yummier!-

Next melt together carefully so you don’t burn it and pour it into a serving bowl something for dipping.
This will stay liquid for quite some time even when it cools off

freeze the bananas (put the toothpicks in before you freeze them!!  trust me!)

secret easy ingredients!!!

frosty and lovely!

dessert!  try other cold or frozen things!!!

Then dip dip dee dip the frozen bananas!!!!  By the way this recipe makes quite a bit.  It will last for ages!  You can refrigerate if you want but it should  be shelf stable in a sealed container.  If it gets hard just warm the jar in warm water or microwave a little bit and it will be just like new!

of course the traditional ice cream and magic shell

note, my daughter’s tongue in the corner – she insisted I take this photo!
Do you like to use videos? The gym? Outdoor exercise? Share!!


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