Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw – One thing we can all agree on!


So many styles of eating right now can seem very polarizing.   Eat only Meat.  No! eat only Veggies.  No! eat only Fruit!!!  Lately I have read books on no grains, on tons of whole grains, fruitarians, vegans, raw foodists.  You name it I have probably heard of it or read it.  Each way has merits and drawbacks.  No one way is going to work for everybody.  BUT every diet worth looking at has one big thing in common!  What NOT TO EAT!

If it has a label then don’t eat it (okay that is a bit fanatical)! I won’t stop there but it is about that simple.  Processed foods are not whole foods.  The longer the list of ingredients, the further you should stay away.

These are some of the words that should send you running:

Artificial  (anything)
High fructose corn syrup
Artificial sweeteners
Ammonium sulfate
Carminic acid (crushed bug parts)
Sodium benzoate
Ammonium sulfate (fertilizer)
Refined grains
Shellac (more bug parts)
Castoreum (beaver anal glands)
Gum base (from sheep)
L-cystine (hair or duck feathers)
Sugar (there are about 400 different names for sugar…that is a whole other blog!)
Bleached white flour
Partially Hydrogenated Oil / Hydrogenated  Oil/ Trans fats

Things you should eat:
Whole – Real – Recognizable Foods!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Give yourself some love!

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