Party Pre-Eating!


Happy New Year!!!!

We are experts at eating before we go to parties!

You Ask -Why would you do that?  Party food is so good!! I save up all day for parties!

Yes, we eat before we go to parties.  This began as a strategy for our family dealing with food allergies.  We usually have very few options at parties for food.  If we eat before we go, nibbling at the veggie tray is enough for our bellies.  These days however there are more available “treats” that we can enjoy, but really we ought naught!

Pre-eating also sets us up for not gorging on party food.

So many of us have grown up thinking that we should hold off on calories all day so we can really let loose at the party.  This is usually a disaster – we end up stuffing ourselves on huge quantities of junk food, or high calorie low nutrition food.  This usually leads to more calories than we would have eaten otherwise.

No big deal you say, once in a while, I deserve it.

With holidays stretching from October to January this excuse is null and void!  Food at parties, food at the office, food from neighbors, cookies stocked up in the freezer (for “later”)!  Most of us have a never ending supply of so called “holiday” food and treats.

Try pre-eating at your next party, and then tell us how it went.  What other strategies do you have?

Try these quick pre-party meals. Or bring them along so that you have something good to eat and you can share the joy!


Holiday Hummus- gorgeous no food coloring I swear!


Quick Polenta 


Fast Coconut Squash Soup

Try any of these!  Share them!  What else are you making to share the health and taste of the season? Comment below! Share!

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