Post Race Energy Bites!

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hmmmmm…. what? not gold?

Wow our vacation is done!  The new year is here and the race was a success (that means I finished with a smile still on my face).  Thanks to everyone who had suggestion for my ipod running mix.  I ended on Guns and Roses, sweet child o mine,  oooh yeah!

Now that that race is done and this is the time of year for new goals, what is a girl to do?  I am not much of a “new years” resolution girl.  However I do love goals in general.  I work well with something to look forward to.  So I am signing up for another 1/2.  This one is in Brainerd, MN in June.  The race is called The Sour Grapes (by the way it is a trail run).  It was named that because (so I have heard) it was started for those disappointed folks who couldn’t get into Grandma’s 1/2.  Sooooo, anyone want to join me?  You have 5 months to train!!

After the race there was some post race food, your normal bananas, pretzels, oranges (nothing too exciting).  I did bring along some Lara Bars which really hit the spot, some immediate energy from dates and a little sustenance from the nuts.  If you look at the ingredients it is really just dried fruit and nuts chopped up and squashed together.  So now that I am home and back in my own kitchen I decided to whip up some of my own.  You may see a few more variations on these over the next couple of weeks.
Homemade – Energy Bars/Balls/Nuggets

Sunny Goji Coconut
(this may be a bit exotic for some kitchens)

not pictured, unsweetened coconut

1/4 cup goji berries
1/4 cup cashews (raw)
10 dates or 1/2 cup
1 1/2 Tbls. chia seeds
2 Tbls. sunflower seed butter
1/4 cup unsweetened coconut (you can mix it in or roll the balls in it)

wizzzzzzzz in the food processor.
scoop out and press into bars or balls.  The chia seeds will make these congeal more and more as they sit

hmmm.  not gorgeous, but highly edible and tasty too!

You can substitute any nuts or dried fruit or nut butter for these ingredients.  The only static ingredient for me is the Dates. Go ahead!   Try it!!

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