Priorities and Frozen Vegetables!


Whew!  Is it really almost April?

Sometimes I am so organized and on the ball I can surprise myself.  Aaaaaaaand… sometimes I am sooooooo NOT on the ball I am lucky I can find my glasses sitting on my face!

Let’s talk about priorities.  So let me paint an idyllic picture of the “perfect” meal…  Fresh from the garden (that you planted yourself, of course) Pea Shoots, with gorgeous multi colored carrots (not plain orange for goodness sake!) julienned and roasted lightly with a zingy aged balsamic vinegar salad for starters…  Okay let’s stop there that was just the salad dish and you can just use your imagination for the rest of your beautiful locally sourced 5 course meal.

Now let me be clear in a perfect world yeah it would be super duper cool to eat that way and if you can, please do it!!!!   But when you are in a hurry what can you do so that you and your family don’t miss out on the 2 most important food groups?  By the way the most important food groups are Vegetables and Fruits in case you were wondering.

Well let me introduce you to frozen vegetables and frozen fruit.  Gasp!!  Yes we eat a lot of frozen produce in our house.  Some is from our garden but that doesn’t last us through the winter.  Here in Northern Minnesota we don’t have access to year round farmers markets and local produce.  Actually I take that back we do have access to local produce but only certain vegetables (squash, root veg. etc) will last all winter.

Did you know that most frozen food is frozen at the height of their season, so it is perfectly ripe and almost just as nutritious as fresh.

What do you do with frozen food?

Smoothies  – Sauces   – Stir Fry  – Fried Rice  – Soups  – Roasted

Check out this quick supper with Roasted Frozen Green Beans (it actually works)

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