Rainbow Popcicles! Cool!

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way better than store bought!

Summer has officially arrived here in the Northland.  That is, not to say that next week we might not need our mittens again.  Our fickle summer leaves many of us cold blooded northerners sweating to the oldies, because we are just not used to the heat.  I know you will hear us complain one week that we never get summer then the next week we are dripping and complaining that it is too hot.  Oh well, we can’t be the only ones who do it!

Anyhow, this is a great way to beat the heat and make the kiddos happy too!  Make some homemade popcicles.  We used to do this in an ice cube tray with toothpicks and plastic wrap to make the toothpicks stand up.  You can still do that!  Or you can buy any number of cool ice pop molds or ice cube tray molds.

We found these on line and promptly bought some for my daughter’s preschool.  We figured it was a great way to encourage creativity and heatlhier “pops”.  We make pops out of any leftover smoothie that we make or just juice or in this case we got really fancy and bought Bolthouse Farms Juice.

The nice thing about these molds is that they are BPA free (toxic chemical found in many plastics).  And they are not too big. 

We took the popcicle molds home from school in order to make the class rainbow pops for a birthday treat at school.  I try to not bring in unhealthy treats for the kids at school.  It is hard on the teachers and on the parents who are trying hard to avoid certain foods.  I am always a little sad when I get to school and see the remnants of cupcakes the size of my daughter’s head on the table.  It is hard to have her left out of the celebration and to feel like an outcast.  It is also hard to have her jazzed up on sugar and not want to eat supper amongst other issues with the sugar crash.

Here you go a great alternative to the artificial popcicles, and way way more fun!  There is no recipe.  I have found that smoothies are better because they don’t get so crystallized, but juice is really fun too.

Rainbow Pops – you don’t have to get this fancy, one juice will do just fine!

start with a little of one color then freeze (only takes about 1 hour)

normally I use my own smoothies but this is fun to do once in a while

add color #2 when the first is frozen then freeze again but only till the top is frozen

if you freeze the second layer till it is solid  you won’t be able to put your sticks in all the way – add color #3 and put in your sticks

freeze overnight

enjoy!!!! wholesome yummy goodness!

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