Raw Onion Rings!

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Raw onion rings may not sound like a good idea at all.  What these should really be called is chewy, crispy, sweet and salty onion delights!!!

This summer we visited one of my sisters out in CT.  She came home from the farmers market with a little brown paper bag, nothing special.  Then we tasted the contents and I immediately made her turn around and take me to the farmers market to get some more of these chewy raw onion wonders!

raw onion rings

Here they are, all unassuming in the bag. Until pow!! Taste explosion!

I was determined to figure out how to make these!  Since I don’t live in CT and they don’t ship these currently, I had to be a kitchen scientist and get to work.

Amazingly, armed with only the ingredient list, success was close at hand!

I used a dehydrator but I encourage you all to try the oven at a very low setting for a few hours!  Please try it and let me know how it works!

I made educated guesses on the amounts,  I tried a yellow, white and red onion, just to see what we liked the best.

To be sure theses are a labor of love and a treat.  They are messy to make and they shrink like crazy, but worth the time and effort, at least once!  Or on the other hand if you do live in CT you can just buy them from the cool guys at Raw Food Central – amazing resource for bulk organic produce and other neat things like onion rings!!

Here is my take on the Raw Onion Ring


oops sideways ingredients!! crazy simple ingredients!!

1/2 cup raw cashews soaked in water 3 hrs minimum- and drained

1/4 cup sunflower seeds

1/4 cup raisins

1 tsp cider or white vinegar

3 T water

1/2 tsp salt

put it all in your food pro or high speed blender and whiz till creamy


then rub this all over your sliced onion rings

place on parchment lined – or teflex dehydrator sheets

dehydrate a minimum of 8 hours, but they may take longer up to 12 or more depending on your dehydrator


This is one of the Raw Food Central onion rings – it seems they cut theirs a little larger and put a little more coating on than I did.


Here are my little beauties! I honestly liked mine a little better, less coating worked for my taste buds. Also, everyone agreed that the red onions are the clear winner as far as taste goes. I will only do red from now on.


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