Reading Labels


ufffff da!  What is in there?

Really, which looks better this?

Or This?


If it has a label think twice!  It is almost that simple.  Processed foods are not whole foods.  The longer the list of ingredients, the further you should stay away.

These are some of the words that should send you running:

Artificial Colors, flavor enhancers, sweeteners
High fructose corn syrup
Artificial sweeteners
Ammonium sulfate
Carminic acid (crushed bug parts)
Sodium benzoate
Ammonium sulfate (fertilizer)
Refined grains
Shellac (more bug parts)
Castoreum (beaver anal glands)
Gum base (from sheep)
L-cystine (hair or duck feathers)
Sugar (there are about 400 different names for sugar…that is a whole other blog!)
Bleached white flour
Partially Hydrogenated/ hydrogenated / trans fatty acids / trans fats

Here is an interesting article if you want to read a little bit more.  Many of these ingredients have been banned in other countries for years!  This article is a quick look at 8 of them!

8 “foods” banned in other countries!

Things you should eat:
Almost anything in the produce section!  Whole Foods (not the store the food)!

It is time to go through those cupboards!

Here is my challenge for you.

Take one cupboard at a time.  Put all the food on your table.  Start reading.  Separate all of the “foods” that have any ingredients you either don’t recognize as food or has artificial anything, or partially hydrogenated or trans fats of any kind.

Now is your moment to decide, What Stays and What Goes?

Here are a couple more articles to help you decide.

Hydrogenated Fats – Mayo Clinic Article

Artificial Colors – let history be your guide, get a head of the game and eliminate these now!

I could post hundreds of scary articles but I thought that these two were very moderate and trustworthy.  Use your gut and really think about what you want to put in your body and the bodies of your little ones.

Start now!  Just pick a cupboard and start.  Let me know in the comments section if you are surprised by any of your foods.  I was surprised that I had to be careful with my Pickle selection!   Yellow and Blue show up in many of the ingredient lists!  What did you find?




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