Reseting your Appestat! 5 ingredient Pesto

Many years ago I had a client who had lost well over 100 pounds and she introduced me to a word that I love!  Appestat.  You pronounce it like appetite with a stat instead of a tite.  I think she made up this word.  Anyhow, she told me she had to reset her Appestat in order to lose weight.  It is like a measure of your appetite.

I like to think of it in two ways.  Your appestat can be reset for quality/taste as well as quantity.  If you usually eat fast food with lots of salt and added sugars then for a month you eat only fruit and veg and whole grains when you go back to the fast food your appestat will have been reset to a degree.  The fast food will taste different to you (maybe too salty or heavy).  This can go the other way around too.

The other way your appetite can reset is if you cut back on eating by a degree for a month or two. Pretty soon you will begin to feel full after smaller portions too.

Our bodies are so amazing and they really are re-trainable!  We can train our bodies to be satisfied with  certain portions and the kinds of food we choose on a regular basis.

Mentally this is easy to wrap our brains around now only if our emotions would be so cooperative!!

Where is your appestat set to?  Have you ever given yourself the chance to reset?  This might mean hitting reset over and over and over, it is okay,  your body is learning something new every time.  Be forgiving and reset again if you have to!

5 Ingredient Pesto! non-dairy

2 cups basil (fresh)
2/3 cup almond meal
4-? cloves garlic (in my opinion the more the better!)
2 Tbls olive oil
salt to taste (start with 1/4 tsp)

Okay, put it in the food pro and whizzzzz!!!!!

Use on pizza crust under the sauce or as the sauce, on tomatoes, in noodles, by the spoonful!!

Simple lovely ingredients!
stuff the basil in the food pro
garlic!!! make sure your sweetie eats this too!
Pine nuts are traditional but I love using almond meal!
yum on crackers!
mmmmm tomatoes
oops out of order!
Perfect little hostess gift!  Or freeze in jars for the cold winter when you are dying for fresh flavors of summer!



  • kikierspamer

    Hi Jodi, I love Pesto! As far as my Appestat (funny), I only eat when I am hungry and take a blend of ayurvedic herbs to keep me balanced! They work!

    To your Health,

  • Jodie Cope, Licensed Acupuncturist and Health Coach

    Kiki, I think you are more balanced than me!! Reset Reset Reset!!