Quinoa Summer Splendor Salad! Good Friends and Food!

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Mmmmmmmmm…….super salad! Robyn whipped this up and it was amazing.

My beautiful friend Robyn (remember her artistic post and hot chocolate?) and her sweet little babe were visiting the other week and we/she conjured up this delicious salad!  I really like salads when other people make them.  I don’t often bother, and all the raw veg can sometimes be a little rough on my system.  This salad was a beautiful balance with not just greens but fruit, veg and quinoa with a sweet and tangy dressing that really made it all pop.  We loved the salad so much she made it again for a potluck party the next day!

farmers market finds

we went overboard and bought all kinds of produce!! including 6 different kinds of cucumbers!!! yellow, brown, striped, green and more!!!!

Hop on over to Robyn’s blog for her post and recipe!  You will not be disappointed.  Robyn, when are you coming back to make me another salad?

Link to Robyn’s Blog and Recipe

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