Sick as a Dog? Favorite feel better Give away!!


It happens to everyone now and then even if you exercise regularly, eat well, meditate, pray, drink magic potions, or get shots, none of us escapes entirely from cold season!  Or at least I have not met anyone yet who escapes from it!

In the winter we are indoors more, touching things that everyone else touches and not getting quite as much fresh air.  We tend to get colds, some worse than others!  Here are some things I like to do to prevent colds as well as things that make me feel better if I catch one.

*drink lots of liquids – especially warm lemon water in the morning (or all day)

*get regular exercise

*get outside!!!!

*wash your hands – make your family wash their hands!

*take a probiotic

*use a nasal spray or neti pot to keep your nasal passages moist

*use a humidifier if your house is dry

*take saunas if you have that luxury (I don’t know if this truly helps, but it makes me happy, and that counts for a lot!)

Now if all else fails and you get the cold anyhow here is what makes me feel better.  I have two little concoctions I put together.

my magic virus killing tea

Here is my first go to! I love these teas when I get sick. I add a slice of orange or tangerine with the peel and some ginger slices. The tangerine and orange peel really cut through the mucus and soothe the throat. The ginger heats you up and in theory helps kill those little buggies! I recommend drinking this then hopping under the covers and sweat it out a little!


miso magic potion

Miso soup with garlic (and scallions if you have them) a little ginger would be good too. This is my other secret potion. Warm some water (not boiling) then mix in 1-2 Tbls miso and press a clove or 2 of garlic into the soup bowl. Stir it up till the miso is mostly dissolved (a whisk will do the trick). Drink it down! Again jump under the covers and sweat a bit and relax. Warning – you will have terrible garlic breath, nobody will want to kiss you since you are sick anyhow.

Now for my big happy holidays fun surprise!  I have a little special gift for one lucky reader!  All you have to do is join the forum and leave a comment or question or new topic!  Let’s keep the conversation going!  Look up in the upper right hand corner.  See that little community forum button?  Click there and you will be prompted to create your own password etc.  this is so that we don’t get a bunch of spam – please enter your real name and email then create a user name.  We have some great topics going and I want to make this a super community support holiday forum!

Check out what I have for one lucky subscriber!  Some of my very favorite feel better when you are sick things 🙂


What have we here?
*A sampler of my favorite feel better teas
*Head ache badger balm
*Favorite chapstick for those chapped lips
*A neti inhaler to clear the sinuses
*2 different soothing patches for aches and congestion
*Amazing throat drops and
*Emergen C -raspberry

Join the conversation now and enter to win this feel better, care package.  Approx. value of $25.  These are truly some of my favorite things, and this is a special gift from me.  None of these companies donated items (although companies if you want to donate feel free!!) nor am I affiliated with them in any way.  Just my way of saying, Thanks, to my readers – and to say I really want to hear from you, I enjoy your questions and what you have to share!

Join the conversation to win by Friday November 22, 2013 by 5:00 p.m. CST – I will announce the winner next week!

Stay tuned for peanut butter blossoms – gone healthy (mostly)

And next week a guest post on what to do with your Turkey Carcass!!! Don’t throw it away!






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