Simple Things

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I have been on vacation for the past week and a bit and it was really amazing.  We drove across the country to visit family. Yes, I did say we drove across the country, about 24 hours each way, with a 4 year old.  We always used to do road trips before having a child but had been hesitant to do it ever since.  Thank goodness we took the chance.  Our trip was challenging at moments but so worth the extra effort.  With that said traveling and eating is not always the healthiest, especially at 3 in the morning when you are willing to eat or drink anything that will keep you awake and caffeinated!

Now that we are home it is time to simplify a bit.  I have for you, not really a recipe, just a food pairing that is sooooooo delicious.

I don’t know when I first tried this but I dream about it every year as the basil starts to come into season.

Granny Smith Apples (or the tartest apples you have) with Fresh Basil  mmmmmmmmmmmmm…

This combination is so fresh tasting it practically bursts in your mouth.  All you need is apples sliced up and some fresh washed basil leaves.  This is beautiful and completely appropriate for parties or brunch or a snack!

Here are the stars of your new favorite treat!
Use as much basil as you like.  I love big leaves wrapped around my apple!

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