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I have been cooking a ton but not taking many photos or writing the recipes I am making up.  If only there was some way to record what I toss in willy nilly each night!  So I will share some more terrific links with you today.  These posts all have to do with trying to belong and feel good yet still honoring our bodies.

Thanks Mom for working with us on making our
family healthy.  Here Nana (my mom) squirts allergy free
frosting in to Liesl’s mouth!  Mmmmm!
Even kids with allergies need to get wild and messy with
food too!

Summer Camp – This first link got me thinking big time.  www.gfreekid.com  It is a site geared towards GF kids and their parents.  This particular topic really touched a nerve for me.  It is all about Gluten Free and Allergen free Summer camp experiences.  We are not at a point where we are thinking about summer camps yet but I know it is in our future.  I was suddenly totally freaked out about how our daughter was going to go away for a week and not feel alienated and not starve or feel terrible. Do I have to send all her food?  Huh.  This link shed some light on the subject and gave me some great resources.

Helping Family and Friends understand food requirements.  Oh boy this is a great blog post.  It is long  but worth reading and passing along.  I am always pretty proactive about making sure our family has food to eat when going out to friends homes or parties etc… But wow when someone actually goes out of their way to accomodate us we are so grateful.  This blog post from Shirley at www.glutenfreeeasily.com is top notch.  Shirley is one of the  best and most thorough  GF bloggers around.  She has so many links and recipes and ideas.  Really! check it out.  

Last but not least one of our new favorites sites.  www.lillianstestkitchen.com  Lillian’s test kitchen is so much fun to watch.  She is a Gluten Free, Soy Free, Casein Free, Refined Sugar Free blogger.  This fits our eating perfectly!!  Lillian takes recipes from other blogs then makes them on camera to see how they turn out.  It is a riot to watch!  It is so important to me for Liesl to see our way if eating as fun and normal in many circles.  Lillian makes her day!  Her videos will help anyone see that they too can cook this way!  And it is fun and it tastes good!!  Food Network where are you on this subject eh!?

Enjoy and get informed!  Even if you don’t have any issues with food chances are some day someone you love will.  And you can make them feel really good by making some small efforts.

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