Success Stories

Carin, 35, Stay at home Mom

After conceiving our first child with relative ease, we were shocked when I was diagnosed with “Premature Ovarian Failure” (POF) just as we were getting ready to start trying for number two. We saw three different fertility specialists, including at the Mayo Clinic, and each gave a dismal report of our chances of conceiving again. Two of the specialists offered no treatment options beyond considering an egg donor or adoption, and the third was willing to try “hyper-stimulating” my ovaries with mega-doses of hormones, but was not at all optimistic that it would result in pregnancy. We essentially felt like western medicine offered no options for helping us conceive, and decided instead to turn to eastern medicine philosophies, including acupuncture, which did offer some potential solutions.

Thankfully I was directed to Jodie. By the time I first saw her I had missed three cycles and was having many uncomfortable hot flashes daily. Within three months of treatment my hot flashes had decreased significantly, and within five months I was pregnant. Acupuncture not only helped support my body to resume ovulation, but was a constant calming force during a time when I was extremely stressed. And I am confident Jodie’s regular nutrition counseling along with my appointments helped to speed up the process. I would recommend Jodie Cope Acupuncture to anyone with fertility issues, as well as for other health concerns. We are so grateful for Jodie’s skill and compassion, and are thrilled to be expecting a new little one in September 2012!

Amy, Duluth, MN

I started seeing Jodie after doing fertility treatments for about 6 months.  The stress and anxiety during these months finally led me to a breaking point; I physically could not do it anymore.  I did some research on what my other options were to help us conceive and I found that acupuncture could potentially help.  My issue causing infertility was annovulatory cycles – meaning I didn’t ovulate.  I called Jodie and starting seeing her weekly.  After a few weeks, my body kicked itself in gear and I had regular monthly cycles for the first time in several years!  I saw Jodie regularly for about four months, and surprise – we got pregnant naturally!  Acupuncture made my body start working again and gave us the chance to conceive.  In addition to weekly acupuncture, Jodie also counciled me on nutrition as well.  Who knew I needed to eat more foods to “warm my insides”?  At first it sounded hokey, but ultimately following her advice paid off.

It’s amazing how different the approaches were between medical doctors and Jodie; the doctors didn’t dig into the root cause of our fertility problem and were quick to medicate me.  I felt like a number at the clinic being herded in and out.  Jodie’s approach was to fix the root cause of WHY my body was not working appropriately.  In addition, Jodie was a calming force during this otherwise stressful time.  When I’d leave the doctor’s office, I almost always felt stressed and uncertain.  After leaving Jodie’s office, I felt calm and re-assured.  I felt a personal connection with her like she really cared.  Never did I feel like “just a number”.  She had a soothing way to her along with a quiet confidence in her abilities that made you feel at ease.  It was easy to put my trust in her and give the process the time it needed to work.  Because of Jodie, I now have a beautiful almost 5 yr old daughter – I will be forever grateful that I found Jodie and followed through with her advice.”

Heather Murphy, Age 43, Busy Professional and soon-to-be new mom

Jodie was an invaluable support person, resource, healer and advocate to me during my fertility journey.  I highly recommend her to anyone I know who is struggling with getting pregnant or just wants support for a healthy, intentional pregnancy.  I started working with Jodie at a point when I was feeling frustrated and hopeless. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years and had sought the help of many different alternative practitioners and doctors. Nothing had worked and I was feeling very alone in my journey.  When I found Jodie, I finally felt like I had an advocate – someone who had experience and success working with other women in my situation, someone who could share her knowledge and skills, as well as connect me with local and national resources.  Through weekly acupuncture sessions, nutritional counseling, guided meditations and a general positive, comforting presence, Jodie supported me through the process of invitro fertilization (IVF) and in December we are expecting our first child.  I can’t thank her enough!”

Female, 32, government manager

“I contacted Jodie Cope about acupuncture to accompany my pending invitro procedure based on some research I had done which made a compelling case for blending the two treatments. I didn’t know of any acupuncture clinics in the Duluth-area so I started in the Twin Cities! It wasn’t sustainable to go there as frequently as they recommended, and their clinic wasn’t a great fit for me either (it really felt like a clinic, they diagnosed me more based on my tongue than on a discussion with me, and left me alone my first time with needles all over!).

After that experience I interviewed another practitioner in the Duluth area but didn’t feel she was experienced or very sympathetic to my infertility journey. However, she showed me a brochure of Jodie’s that spoke of her specialty in women’s health and infertility. I called Jodie, met with her immediately and it was a completely different experience!

I found Jodie to be full of experience and knowledge to share, a compassionate listener and willing to discuss my goals and treatment plan from a very holistic approach. Her acupuncture therapy was sensitive to my fear of needles and became a relaxing visit/treatment for me. I have recommended her to many others. I’ve since come to consider acupuncture for other aches & pains (of my own or recommending it to others) as well as utilized her dietician expertise to guide me through a 30 day cleanse. Jodie is a constant learner and a practitioner who can come alongside, treat and encourage you to achieve your goals. And, I love her food blog!”