Sushi Picnic – soyless sauce!!

Recently I learned just how easy it is to make sushi!  We of course only make veggie sushi.  Feel free to fill your plate with whatever you like.  Some of our top choices are egg (cooked and sliced), avocado, cucumber, spinach, carrot.  I am sure there are many other options that is what we usually have on hand.

Anyhow I was so excited because I discovered a Soy Free Soy Sauce (yes, I know that makes no sense but here it is!)  Yummy Coconut Secrets -coconut amino “soy” sauce.  It is delicious!  A tad sweeter and a little boozey tasting but in a really good way!  Yum!  So we can still dip our sushi!  
seriously coconut is the coolest ever!
Anyhow This isn’t exactly a recipe.  All I do is follow the directions on the back of my Sushi Rice package.  I have tried both white and brown,  and let me tell you I love them both!  The brown is infinitely more filling however because of the fiber, so I prefer that.
Here are two brands that I have used

you will add a little vinegar and a bit of whatever sweetener you prefer.
I tend to put quite a bit of vinegar (i love vinegar)  But read the directions on your sushi rice package to start

mmmmmmm! seaweed and rice presses to make cute little sushi balls!

avocado, cucumber and shredded carrot for filling the sushi rolls

We just bought this sushi rolling thing for 50 cents I think.  But do not fret,  you don’t need one.  Up until now we just used a clean dry dish towel to help roll them up tight.  Oh and if you want to learn how to do this properly, just go to youtube!  They have a billion tutorials!

put some rice on the sushi wrapper and wet your fingers well  press it down over about 1/3 of the wrap

add your fillers – and get rolling!
these sweet little things are sooo fun!  you put rice in then a little surprise filling like avocado then more rice

then press them down. Hard!

then have your child with little fingers press them out! 

CUTE!!!!  These were reserved for the lunch box.

so here is our picnic supper!  we also packed mochi balls (I hope to make my own soon!) and drinks and our magical soyless sauce!  
Do Try this at Home!!!!!

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