Tea Time!! How to create amazing herbal teas at home!


I love my herbal teas!  I don’t always love the cost of my herbal teas!  Why not make yours at home.  So many herbs and spices are very inexpensive, especially if you have a bulk spice and herbal area in your local market or grocery store.

Slowly but surely I have acquired a lovely array of herbs and spices that I like to mix in to my own special blend of herbal infusions. I feel a bit like a chemist or maybe a witch brewing up my unique concoctions. I can make it suit my health needs and tastes at a whim.


Here is a favorite combo for upset stomachs of the bubbly belchy stomach sort.

lemon balm — licorice — fennel — cardamom — marshmallow root — slippery elm


This is a favorite for a gassy toot toot stomach ache.

ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, – pinch of peppermint – chammomile   and licorice for sweetness or stevia


I have jars filled with many sorts of herbs and spices that I buy in small quantities at our local Whole Foods Co-op.  My daughter and her friends like to open them and smell, taste and concoct new signature recipes.

We just take a pinch of whatever we like and add them to a mason jar then fill with hot water.  Steep for 5-10 minutes then strain it into a cup.  Liesl doesn’t like to strain hers because she really likes to chew on some of the herbs, especially fennel seeds.


I would like to share some photos with you of our process, but still I am having photo/media problems with my website ugh!  I know it is not nearly as fun to read without photos but I will do my best to fix that problem soon.

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