The Many Faces of Popped Corn!


Popcorn is a staple in our house.  Of course it is non-gmo  and organic.  This is one thing on which I insist on being clean and real.  It is very interesting, Dave gets headaches from regular corn products.  So anyhow we always do organic corn products.

Popped Corn, pop corn, popcorn, however you spell it is so great for snacking on, especially if you want to sit and watch a  movie and brainlessly eat something- I don’t recommend mindless eating in general, but it happens to the best of us, so it might as well have these redeeming qualities!  It is high in fiber, low in calories and is a chameleon for flavor choices!  It tastes good sweet, savory, sour, salty, you name it!

So a couple of years ago I posted a recipe from an old old book all about popcorn.  This book is hilarious!  You can read that post here Tex Mex Popcorn Mix.  Short story we found the book at an old used book store, it is totally falling apart and we love it!

Sorry for you all, but the book is nearly 30 years out of print and I doubt it will be renewing soon.  So I will share some of its riches with you. (however I did see some copies on amazon from 3rd party sellers fyi!)

The featured recipe is………….. I put our variation in the caption below the book recipe…..


Yup! The pictures are terrible! But don’t let that skew your view of the recipe! So In place of the Soy Sauce, I used Coconut Aminos, or use Tamari. I took out the sugar and added 2 drops of plain stevia, then I used olive oil in stead of Butter. Voila! Perfect movie snack for our family!


As you will see below I have my own easy way to get the goodness all over the popcorn!


One of my Uncles tuned me into this brilliant trick! Put your popped corn into a paper grocery bag then drizzle your sauce or whatever on while you gently shake the bag then close it up and keep shaking. This really helps to get it all spread out.


Here is the sauce mixture ready to pour!


MMMMMMMM!!!! This was so good and salty and yummy! The whole family loved it! To be fair we did have some kind of soggy pieces where I happened to pour too much in one place. I have 2 solutions for that, have someone else shake the bag for you while you pour. Or afterwards heat the oven to 300 and bake the popcorn mix for 15 minutes that should dry it right out! I think some peanuts would be really good in here too!





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