Recycling Time! – Herbed Tofu Sauce with Greens 5 minute prep!

Tofu Sauce (aka Monster Sauce)

So I have decided to go back in time and bring  out some oldies but goodies!  

I have been blogging for almost 4 years now and I know that some of you new folks have not seen these fabulous archived recipes!  So here is a blast form the past.  You can tell they are old because Liesl is soooooo little!  Ack she is growing so much.  (this was before we knew she was sensitive to soy). I will be trying this one with cashews in place of tofu soon, keep your eyes peeled!  In the meantime eat this!!

Here is a recipe that has been a family favorite for years!  Everyone who tries it likes it (I think!).  It is made with silken tofu.  For those not familiar with tofu it comes in two basic forms: silken and water packed.   The silken tofu comes in an aseptic carton and will say silken on it; this kind is best used in sauces, smoothies or very delicate soups.  The other kind is great for stir fries or tofu egg salad, because it is more solid and has a bit of texture to it.

For this recipe you must use silken tofu (I usually get firm but it doesn’t make much difference since you will be blending it).

This sauce over rice is deeply satisfying and so fast!  Today I set the timer on my rice cooker so that we could whip up the sauce and eat within minutes of getting home from work and school.  If we don’t eat soon after arriving home we all start snacking and then have no room for supper, so timing is essential!

Tofu Green Sauce
1 block silken tofu
3 cloves garlic
1/8 cup braggs liquid aminos
 1 tsp spike more to taste
1 Tbls lemon juice
1/8 cup olive oil
 2 tsp basil
 1/8 cup nutritional yeast (optional)
 4 or more cups of leafy greens (don’t use only spinach the flavor won’t be a fresh tasting)
1/2 or more water till it blends well and is saucy!
Blendy Blendy Blendy!
serve over warm rice or pasta, use as a veg dip or sauce for your burgers!!!
here are the ingredients and my sidekick!
toss it all in! and blend add more greens and blend again until you like it!!!
it is a good thing we don’t work in a restaurant, we would have maximum penalties for eating out of the blender!
I am truly in love with this dish!!
I have given this recipe to so many people, but every time I write it down I think I put different ingredients in it!  really, you can’t mess this one up!
mmmmmmmmm……sigh so good!


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