So What are Whole Foods?


“Whole Foods” have been major buzz words in the past few years.  But what exactly does that mean?

Remember last week we talked about food labels?  Well, whole foods are the foods without ingredient labels!  How easy is that!  They are foods that are exactly what they look like they are!  They are not altered or enhanced or given special colors or flavors!

The sad thing is that even the produce section isn’t safe anymore!  You have to look at labels here too! I actually discovered “Grape” Flavored apples at the store a couple of months ago.  Whaaaa????  Yes, these poor apples had an ingredient list!  “Grape” flavoring was added to these babies!  Why why why?

I have mentioned some of the staples I keep on hand for cooking.  I am going to give you a sneak peek into my cupboard, but only the pretty shelf for now!  I love to keep my dry goods in jars.  Being able to see what is in my cupboard is often enough to inspire a recipe or two!


This is one shelf in my cupboard! We buy food in bulk from our local Co-op as well as a buying club. I fill my jars to keep in the kitchen at hand. If we buy a large quantity the extra lives in rubber made containers in the basement to refill as needed.

Someday maybe I will write a cookbook called Beans Greens and Grains! In many cultures this is exactly what they eat every day!  Beans-Greens-Grains for centuries this has been the basis for much of the world.  This is a great way to completely simplify your cooking!  I know this strikes fear in the heart of many low carb fanatics! I can be pretty scary sometimes!

Here are some of my favorite combinations of B. G. and G. – keep in mind that when I say Greens, I really mean fruits and vegetables, mostly vegetables.

Chili, Cornbread, Salad – or throw some spinach or kale right in the chili pot! Here is a lovely Crock Pot Chili with the bonus of Sweet potatoes, I love sweet potatoes in my chili ooooh and pineapple too!

Kitchari – This is an Indian dish which consists of well cooked rice, some kind of bean or dal, and veg.  There are as many Kitchari recipes as there are chili recipes.  But here is one link for you from another fun food blog. One Pot Meal Kitchari    This is some serious comfort food in my book.  Try making it with quinoa if you want a little more of a whole grain experience, but stick to the white rice for digestability and healing qualities.

Polenta – with blackbeans, spinach, salsa!  – or white beans, spinach, walnuts and balsamic vinegar!  Here is a link to one of my polenta recipes, try to get creative with your toppings!  This is one of our go to fast food meals, 20minutes from start to finish!  Polenta Time!

Soup! – I love lentils, quinoa and greens in my soup, along with whatever else I have that needs cooking up from my fridge.  Try these recipes!  Smokey Quinoa Lentil Soup  or Lentil Curry Soup or Red Lentil Kale Soup a fave from one of my favorite blogs – add some quinoa or brown rice at the end and yum!

A bonus when cooking Beans, Greens and Grains is that it is a huge $saver too!  See my post on saving a little $ on your grocery bill but still eat well!  5 ways to save 





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